Tennis: Découvrez Jannik Sinner, le nouveau phénomène qui secoue l’ATP!

Sur le chemin des demi-finales du Masters de Turin, l’Italien s’apprête à disputer sa qualification en finale contre Daniil Medvedev, ce samedi.

Triumph Over Top Players: Jannik Sinner’s Ascent

With a newfound confidence, 22-year-old Jannik Sinner continues his meteoric rise in the world of tennis. From his 16th position in the ATP rankings, he soared to 4th within a year. This sets a new career best for him, and he is gearing up to play the semi-finals of the Turin Masters against Daniil Medvedev.

In 2023, Sinner broke several records, embarking on an unprecedented winning streak in Masters 1000, which culminated in his first victory in Toronto. This was one of four out of six final victories he contested this season, implying a possibly triumphant outcome on the upcoming Sunday. Verifying his ever-growing prowess, he successfully defeated more top 10 world players with increasing regularity. Arnaud Clément, a Franceinfo consultant suggests, « By repeatedly taking on the best, his game level has improved.”

Sinner’s 2023 victories include two over fan favorites Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, as well as a landmark win against Novak Djokovic. To compare, he won only ten matches against high-ranking players between 2020 and 2022. Furthermore, since October alone, he has racked up more top 5 player victories than the entirety of his career before then.

Not Mere Potential: A Star on the Rise

Often compared to rising Italian stars such as Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Musetti, Sinner is proving he is far more than just a promise. Renowned for his humility, his sincere connection with the audience stands out, making him a crowd favorite. « He is straightforward, determined, and does not resort to provocation. Furthermore, he has an interesting personality, » says Arnaud Clément.

At his tender age, Sinner is now considered one of the top players on the circuit. His statistics speak for him, displaying an impressive ability to handle pressure, especially on his second serve, just behind Novak Djokovic. He also ranks among the best returners on the circuit, having won 29.8% of games when returning – a feat surpassed only by Alcaraz and Medvedev. “He has improved his game on these crucial tennis aspects, thanks to his growing confidence and accumulated victories.” Clément elaborates.

Awakening on Grand Slam Stage: An Area Of Improvement

Despite setbacks due to physical fatigue and inopportune match scheduling, Sinner has shown resilience, confessing these tough experiences have been learning curves. Faced with marathon matches that extend beyond his comfort zone, his record seems to falter, with some of his longest matches ending in defeat. « Physically, he’s gaining volume, and he’s becoming capable of reproducing substantial efforts, » assures Clément.

It’s undeniable that Sinner has a way with lower-ranked opponents, demonstrating a near-perfect record in Grand Slam matches on hard courts (26 victories in 26 matches). However, his luck seems to run out against the game’s highest-ranking players, with no success in eight matches in the same category. Despite this, he reached Wimbledon’s semi-finals this season, marking it his best performance in a Grand Slam thus far. But, at just 22 years old, the Italian star has all the time to polish these areas and continue his upward trajectory.

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