1. We are now in front of a brief window of time with president Obama. A unique opportunity since the time of JFK. The hope for a new set of relations with the State of Israel. Only then the US could break free from the grip of the Zionists and go back to the hands of the American people and Israel could live in peace after having renounced the idea to have entitlements like one “chosen people”.
    To better understand one should have some familiarity with their Belief and with the definition of certain meanings.
    As these two opposites, for example:
    To be a Christian is to Respect Equality. To be a Zionist is to only Respect Strength.
    While clear is the difference between the first two more subtle is the one between a Jew and a Zionist.
    The demonstration of a substantial change inside the Zionist State could certainly become visible with a gesture toward Equality initiated by the same Israel: the conception of the State for Palestine.
    As for that subtle difference?
    The Jew would accept. The Zionist would not.


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